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Lori Morris Arbutus Serenity 1.JPG
An acrylic painter creating vibrant paintings inspired by God's created beauty on the Sunshine Coast on Canada’s Westcoast.


“Being an artist, I feel the most fulfilled when I am creating and painting. I love where I live... the seascapes, beaches, and forests on the Sunshine Coast on the West Coast of Canada are picturesque and breath taking. They’ve inspired me to create many vibrant original acrylic paintings.”

“To immerse myself in a real, memorable place and then to lovingly recreate it on canvas is more than enjoyment, it is therapy.”

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“I believe in the restorative power of beauty and I love noticing beauty in nature for the refreshment that it is. It is so good for the soul. Being still in the presence of beauty literally washes off the harsh realities of life.”


​“Beauty is refreshing, calming, nurturing, and helpful. I wonder what the world would look like, if every time someone needed a “pick-me-up”, they stood in the middle of a forest, or on the shore of a beach.”

Gibsons Shore 36 x 36 Original Acrylic copyright 2021 Lori Morris.JPG

“The enjoyment of nature, the enjoyment of art as well as the enjoyment of music are all wonderful catalysts for bringing energy and abundant life to us. And there are so many metaphors for life while enjoying any one of them.”


“Starting and finishing a painting are two of my favourite parts. The mid-phase of my painting process is the hardest and I often get stuck right there when it’s only halfway done. It is at this point, when it looks the darkest and muddiest that it actually takes most faith to continue. Just like in life, if we want to get to the most beautiful part, we need to be faithful and not give up.”

Lori & Pender Harbour Arbutus

“Often while I’m in the middle of a painting and it looks chaotic and messy… I am reminded that just like in life, this phase is necessary for the contrast of the brighter and more beautiful details to come. It’s all good and necessary, even the seemingly unbecoming parts.”

Arbutus Above The Clouds

“My art is so intertwined with my relationship with God, His creation in nature is my inspiration as well as the place I like spending time with him most. I also invite him into my creative process and then have the joy of sharing the results with others.”

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