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  • Includes 5 Realtime Paintalongs 

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get really good at landscape painting

even if you’ve never been able to do it well before?

Would you like to be able paint anything confidently

without spending an endless amount of time?

Would it be nice to impress your family and friends with your

ability even if they didn’t know you could paint?

The techniques I will show you have helped more than 800 other students

and have helped me to create over 175 original paintings... and I can't wait to help you succeed at this great pursuit.

What You’ll Learn

Painting beautiful landscape paintings will creating more satisfaction and joy in your life.


The instruction includes 27 separate videos on the following:​​

-inspiration to paint

-the secret to painting anything

-orderly steps to painting landscapes

-know what to paint and what not to

-specifics on the supplies you'll need

-colour mixing and layering techniques

-how to properly care for your materi