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Our family is so glad that we saw some of Lori’s paintings at the Gumboot Cafe. She captures the essence of the Sunshine Coast so well. When I visited her studio, there was nothing that was the right size for us, so Lori showed me a painting she had previously completed. It was perfect, so we bought a giclee of it. It looks amazing over our fireplace.



Captivating Arbutus Fireplace.jpg

We really like the painting. I think it will sit above the fireplace but it may go in the art alcove. Also in the photo are the lamps that seem to match. Your thoughts on which will be better would be appreciated.   




We love our painting.


Blessed Arbutus Entry Hall.jpeg

I love looking at it !! Always finding something new❤️thank you for taking the extra time to put the verse on the back!



Reaching Over Pender Harbour Fireplace.jpg

I love my painting!  We actually have it above the fireplace in the warmer months and then it moves to the top of the stairs for winter so as not to damage the painting or frame with the heat!  It looks great in both spots!



Smugglers Hike in Kitchen.jpg

Lori, I love this painting. It is in my huge kitchen. I love all the shadows and reflections. Here is a photo. Cheers



Arbutus Focus Angle.jpeg

I hope you are staying well.  Photos below of my painting.


Sunshine Coast Arbutus couch.jpeg

Hi Lori, I've attached a couple of pictures....I hope they're useful.  We love your painting.

Stay well.



The Bridge Couch.jpg

I absolutely love "The Bridge '' and it is a reminder of so many good memories of my hikes in and around Sargents Bay. I wish I had more wall space, as I would add to my collection with more of your artwork.


Smugglers Arbutus Arbutus Moon Fireplace.jpeg

Lori, my paintings look fabulous! I have them displayed around my fireplace.


Secret Cove Arbutus Path To Life Couch.JPG

I’m so glad to have your artwork to remind me of the coast.  They’re both together in our living room. Trevor and I just love them.


IMG_4946 2.JPG

We love our painting, it's a great additon to our home.



Secret Cove Print _ Owner.JPG

I want to thank you so much for your beautiful painting for Mom.  She and the other residents and staff are getting so much pleasure from it.  It is hanging in the hall at Totem Lodge, just by Mom’s door so she can see it often.  Thanks for letting them see the beauty of the coast.  I’m sure it brings back many wonderful memories to them all.



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