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Learn To Paint

Acrylic Landscape
Painting for Beginners

Online Course by Lori Morris

Hi there,  I am so glad you are here, and that you are
are following your interest in landscape painting. 

My heart for you, is to help you to spend your time doing this real creative thing that will improve your outlook on life.  Looking at and creating beautiful landscapes is literally therapy for your soul, and you won't be trying to figure it out all alone. 

Inside the course there is a place where you can ask questions and make comments, I will personally connect with you and respond to each one. 

Enjoying beautiful landscapes and trying your hand at painting them will seriously change your enjoyment of life​.  I can't wait to help you focus on and succeed at this great pursuit!

What You’ll Learn

You will be taught all the necessities and given specific inspiration

so that you can jump into painting with confidence and enthusiasm. 


All the free youtube videos in the world may leave you feeling scattered but this course leaves out all the distractions. It will include the exact things that you'll need to stay focused on the task of getting really good at painting (especially) Westcoast landscape paintings.


The instruction includes 27 separate videos on the following and more:​​

-inspiration to paint

-the secret to painting anything

-orderly steps to painting landscapes

-know what to paint and what not to

-specifics on the supplies you'll need

-colour mixing and layering techniques

-how to properly care for your materials

The Best Part of All....

5 Beautiful "West Coast Landscape" Inspiring Painting Tutorials!

$129 CAN

  • 8 hours of On-Demand Video

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Full Immediate Access

  • Best Viewed on a Laptop or Tablet

  • Includes the 5 Paint-Alongs below

Not quite sure? Download My FREE Ebook right here.

5 paintings.jpg

Includes these 5 Paint-Along Tutorials

Course Overview
  • 27 separate instructional videos
  • 5 downloadable reference photos
  • 8 downloadable materials list
  • 5 Realtime Paint-a-longs

The following images are the thumbnails for each of the videos that are including in the course.

$129 CAN

  • 8 hours of On-Demand Video

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Full Immediate Access

  • Best Viewed on a Laptop or Tablet

  • Includes the 5 Paint-Alongs below

5 paintings.jpg

"Your lessons were enjoyable and your presentation was well done. I easily followed along to create your first 2 paintings with lovely results. I admire your paintings, style and palette and am grateful that you shared advice and techniques in these landscapes lessons.”





"I took your class the minute I bought it and really enjoyed it.  I'm a pretty experienced acrylic painter but I'm always forever curious about other artists approaches.  You can check my Instagram @andreafryett if you're interested. I painted my own Arbutus tree inspired
by your workshop.”



“I enjoyed Lori’s classes.  It is work but she guides you the whole way with ongoing tips that stick with you.  I did the exercises and liked most of them, but when I got to the island picture, I couldn’t believe my results.  Finally I can paint water!  My acrylic painting has improved all around. Great way to learn or improve!  Thank you Lori! Obviously much thought has gone into your approach!” 



“I have been painting on and off since 2004.  I have taken classes online, and most of them were Facebook lives which made it difficult for me to learn since I get distracted really easy. I was looking for straight to the point teaching and techniques, I found you on Facebook and decided
to give it a try. I love
your paintings!”  





"Thank you very much

Lori!  You are a great
teacher and artist!”  





“Wow! The videos
are amazing! I love
this course!!”




"I just finished the class and it was excellent.  I was so impressed with it. Please let me know when you
offer more classes.




“Loving This.
Thank you for the instruction. I need help really with everything, but especially the detailing at the end of a piece to make it look real.”  





“I’ve been working on the course and am really enjoying it.  I’m currently on the third painting. Beautiful!  If you want more feedback let me know.  All positive!”




Great videos! Glad the supply list is minimal - and "who knew"??? - never even heard of wet palettes before!!! Lots of learning! Thanks Lori!! Well done!!!


“I just love your course,
the way it is set out and how you explain everything in enough detail step by
step to complete these
lovely little paintings and above all the price is so
very affordable....its a
bargain really.” 



“You do a wonderful job teaching and I wish you all the best.” 



Not quite sure? Download My FREE Ebook right here.

Acrylic Landscape Painting for Beginners.jpg

Last chance to join now, please click the "message me" button below if you have any further questions.

5 paintings.jpg

You really will love these 5 tutorials!

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