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BC ArtistSechelt Art Gallery of Landscape Paintings with arbutus trees and madrone trees

Lori Morris

A BC Artist creating
West Coast Art inspired by
The Best Places to Visit on the Sunshine Coast
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Interior of Lori Morris Paintings Sechelt Art gallery art in Davis Bay, Sunshine Coast B.C displaying Lori Morris original madrone tree arbutus paintings and landscape paintings of British Columbia's westcoast.

Featured Arbutus Paintings

At the heart of my art, is the realization that beauty in nature makes me feel so much better about life. This inspired my son and I to create "Baby Blue Skies" - a song that captures that feeling of wonder and awe. Over more than a year, we worked together to write, produce and record the vocals and instruments in this song.  Please click the youtube play button above or the SPOTIFY link below and let me know what you think.
-Lori Morris
Lori Morris BC Artist painting west coast art on large original landscape painting of a madrone tree also called  an arbutus tree in sechelt inlet, sechelt, British Columbia

My easy to follow instructions will
have you painting in no time. 

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